Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Cardinal Egan's spin machine

On the news today in NYC they're running Cardinal Egan's response to the anonymous letter from a group of priests in the Archdiocese - widely reported last week - that accused Egan of being arrogant, remote, removed and lacking in pastoral interest. The letter asked for a polling of priests, by secret ballot, giving Egan a vote of no confidence for his performance as bishop. It also asked the Vatican to accept his retirement next year when he turns 75.

Egan's spinmeisters are now out 'unmasking' this critics as 'priests guilty of abuse' who are 'unwilling to take responsibility for their acts.' In effect, he uses the church's sex scandal as a shield and hides behind the allegation of abuse - and cloaks himself in the mantle of a reformer wrongly 'savaged' for his tough stand on abuse. A mantle he has not earned. As you might expect, he offers no evidence for his claim that his critics are sex abusers.

If ever there was nonsense on stilts, here it is.

Egan is known to be a pompous elitist, more interested in the Chancery wine cellar's collection of chardonay than in the spiritual well being of either his priests or 'flock.'

The Cardinal has done little to address the abuse problem, either in NY, or in his former diocese of Bridgeport. Indeed, rather than being part of the solution, he's part of the problem. There are credible reports that the cardinal himself may be involved in an alternative life style - if true, he would not be the first American cardinal to be so involved. Certainly some in his innermost circle are, all while outwardly condemning homosexuals who seek more of an open relationship with the Church!

Now Egan is using the classic tactic of smearing his critics - who, being priests of his diocese, need to remain anonymous to avoid his well-known vindictiveness. He should answer the substance of the criticism - rather than seeking to divert attention away from himself and his failures - cynically using the sex abuse scandal as defensive ploy.

Egan's critics ask for a vote of no-confidence by secret ballot - they should get it, though its impact would be of little value in the top-down hierarchical, self-perpetuating oligarchy that purports to lead the Church.

I, for one, know how I would vote!

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Rev. Fr. Christopher J. Repp, S.T.L. said...

I agree with Fr.Hasselbach's posting in more mays than one. Firstly I applaud the New York Priests who have the courage to take on the corrupt leviathan Egan, in his den of iniquity. It's only natural that of course they cannot reveal themselves, God forbid we live in an open ecclesial community where collegiality is the norm and these beloved Priests could reveal their names and speak honestly from their hearts.I have come to believe that the Institutional Church like Egan does not love or admire honesty as Our Lord so did. Why do you think, as Fr.Hasselbach reveals, that Egan is hiding behind the deciet of sexual abuse and as he says using that as his shield. The Bishops only know one way of dealing with those who are honest, and speak the Truth of Christ from their hearts...attack them, belittle them. These priests are answering the call of Our Lord who said "What you hear in the Dark,you must speak in the Light, you are salt for the Earth,you are Light for the World." Egan and his band of merry men have no idea how to live the Gospel,as a matter of fact it is in their selfish interest that the Truth of the Gospel not be enforced because all the fingers would point back at them. Let's remember that Egan when he was in Chicago, was the hatchet man for John Cody. If anyone dare report abuse by a Chicago priest or threaten to take it to the police or justice system, Egan was in their face and threatened them with any means to keep the poor victims and the families silent.What a pathetic excuse for one who is the Shepherd the Flock of Our Lord.Egan and his fellow Bishops have no concern for their priests and God's people.It is only whatever they think is good for the Church that counts, and obviously we know what their sordid intentions are, lies and obstruction of justice. Why do you think Vatican II and all it's wonderful reforms have vanished, because openness and honesty and change and growth have no place on the agenda's of today's bishops.Unfortunately like most of the Institution, the Bishop's like Egan are living in the past. They feel like they are above the law and do not have to answer to anyone. Well let me tell you something Bishop Egan,we know who you really are, what you've done and what you are trying to hide just like you did in Bridgeport and Chicago, and it's not just your alternative lifestyle that everyone knows about. That's why our brother Priests in New York are fed up with the lies. We can only pray that more honest priests will rise up like these men and confront their Bishop's and take back the Church that has been abused and driven into the ground by the hierarchy for their own selfish means. And shame on them too, for what they have not done for the victims of priestly sexual abuse.Because as priests(and bishops) they were ordained to serve and to heal,to comfort and to sanctify, not to silence the victims and attack them for speaking up. Things will, and must change in this Church that we love and I for one, as Fr.Hasselbach said, know how I would vote. Because I have confidence in my brother Priests and the People of God. I DO NOT have confidence in Egan or his fellow bishops because to me they are cowards and they have helped to destroy for their own selfish ends this Church we so love. Yet I am confident that things are changing and it's going to happen from the bottom up,
obviously not from the top down. Pace e Bene!