Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Milingo says the Pope has it Wrong

Press Release
From Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo and the
Married Priests Now! Catholic Prelature

From his vacation home in Korea, Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo, of the Married Priests Now! Catholic Prelature, has called his vicar general, Archbishop Peter Brennan, in New York to speak about the Apostolic Exhortation Sacramentum Caritatis which was published today by Pope Benedict at the Vatican.

Archbishop Milingo said that "the pope has it wrong in (paragraph 24 of) his exhortation when he recommends the requirement of celibacy to his priests . He is still in denial about the harm enforced celibacy has done and is doing to the priesthood. Priests must be free to choose celibacy and it should be a personal charism, not something required of all."

Milingo continued in lively discussion:

"The so called different practice mentioned by the pope, the married priesthood, of the Eastern Church was at one time the norm of the whole church for twelve centuries. Remember there have always been married priests in the Roman Catholic church. First among the Twelve who were called by Christ himself there were married men. Then married men were among the popes and bishops of the early church. Thirty nine popes were married and often their sons became priests, bishops and popes also. Marriage was expected of the priests by the people in the East even as it is today in South America and Africa. It is sad that now the Eastern Church only chooses single men as their bishops. Celibacy is not a free choice, it has become a job requirement in the Roman Communion. You are either celibate or you do not become a priest -- there is no choice. Celibacy does not have a nuptial meaning as the pope says. Marriage has a nuptial meaning, not celibacy. Identification with Christ the Bridegroom is a very troublesome metaphor and image because Christ is a man in his human nature and so is the male priest. Is this a homosexual relationship? The pope certainly swings the door wide open to make it an acceptable possibility. Is the Holy Father promoting homosexuality to preserve celibacy for priests? This needs to be corrected."

"Benedict's reaffirmation of celibacy is the death-knell of the priesthood causing churches to be closed and sold for profit to pay the damages of enforced celibacy. Life long celibacy is unrealistic and unnecessary. It is far better if the priest is married and can identify with the people he serves and model a good marriage for his parishioners. Christ did not ask this exclusive devotion to celibacy of his apostles and the church should not ask it either. Enforced celibacy is a horrible mistake. Priests like every other human male should have the normal sexual outlet of a good marriage. Benedict and his Cardinals are in pathological denial of the truth. We have seen that many priests have never matured in their sexual life or experience and most do not practice celibacy in joy but as a lonesome obligation. Only those in denial think it is an immense blessing. Celibacy is an albatross that has caused immense harm to priests, and to children, and it has bankrupted many dioceses. It is time to end this charade. Let priests marry and have healthy and wholesome sexual and spiritual lives serving the People of God."


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