Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Fr. Ted Hesburg Speaks Out on a Married Priesthood

Approaching his 90th Birthday, Father Ted Hesburg, former president of Notre Dame University, spoke out on the state of the Church. Things are changing, Fr. Hesburg suggests - the Spirit is at work, and it's time for a married priesthood to again become normative in the church, as it was during the first thousand years of its existence. Fr. Hesburg says he shudders to think of millions of Catholics going without the Eucharist because there aren't enough priests...
And to this, Fr. H, we should add that it's time to welcome the ministry of women too! If fact, that time is long past due!

Fr. Hesburg's interview is attached as a link, it's well worth a viewing.

Click on the title of this article to watch!

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