Monday, October 06, 2008

Leon and Marga continued...

As we told you, Fr. Léon Laclau and Marga got married on Saturday in a civil ceremony and we have photos! In the first, Fr. Léon places the ring on his beloved's finger and in the second the couple are greeted by well-wishers after the wedding.

At the reception after the wedding, Fr. Laclau offered the following toast to his bride: "A Marga, mon amour, merci pour ton amour sans limite, pour ta confiance, ton courage, ta persévérance pour m'accompagner jusqu'au bout; merci de m'avoir ouvert ton grand cœur. Cette histoire d'amour est écrite en lettres indélébiles. L'amour ne s'éteindra jamais. Nous continuerons d'écrire d'autres pages. A toi pour toujours!" ("To Marga, my love, thank you for your endless love, for your trust, your courage, your perseverance in accompanying me to the end; thank you for having opened your big heart to me. This love story is written in indelible ink. The love will never be extinguished. We will continue to write more pages. To you, forever!")

...OK. Now I need to get me some Kleenex...

It's also important to note that Fr. Laclau has published a book about their relationship titled Pour l'amour d'une femme... Privé d'Eglise ("For love of a woman...Deprived of a church"), Michel Lafon (France), 2008.

"I have written this book to testify about 22 years of being torn between the love of God and that of a woman. I have lived those years with double guilt: that of being unfaithful to the Church I served, and that of depriving my companion of the joy of living openly. Many priests have known this suffering, even though all have not been sanctioned as I have been, finding myself “deprived of the Church.” In spite of this I have always been deeply happy to be a priest. But why this painful celibacy requirement? The marriage of priests can only benefit their ministry. Solitude doesn’t lead to fraternity. It’s true that I have strayed from the path I chose when I pronounced my vows…I only wish that this path could grow larger and that married men could be ordained to spread the word of Christ and good around them. There would be more vocations, fewer people abandoning the priesthood, and those seeking Hope would be better served."


Helen&Paul said...

Proficiat Fr.Leon & Marga. You are blessed. I am proud because manymore priest are brave to follow the sounding call of God Almaighty that man should live in complement love of a woman and that the doctrin of our Church to unexperience grownup youngster that Jesus doesn't want them to marry if thay are to be His priest is completely false and against the nature of God.
I too has married a former priest since last year. We have very bitter time because of that false doctrin and we survive because Jesus does really love us. I long to give my testimony to audience , it is an honest conffession that may useful to think about our Church law of celibacy priest. Bravo Fr.Leon and Marga, bravo all married priest all over the world. Jesus loves us to be honest and humble.

Helen & Paul

Helen&Paul said...

Proficiat and bravo to Fr.Leon and Marga. You are brave and right to prove to the world that the call of nature are from our God that a man should live in complement love of a woman by his side. I too has married a former priest and we got so much bitter time from families and others . And we survive because Jesus really loves honest men. I do long to give my testimony to audience that the doctrin of our church to persuade unexperience ungrownup youngster that Jesus wants them to choose celibacy to be His priest is really false, against the nature of God ,verymuch unfair and dishonest. Bravo Fr. Leon and Marga, bravo all married priest whereever you are. The Lord really loves honest people.
Helen & Paul