Tuesday, December 23, 2008

European Federation of Catholic Married Priests

The European Federation of Catholic Married Priests has established a Web site at http://www.pretresmaries.eu/en/Home.html. The Web site is predominantly in English, though the pages for the groups are in the appropriate language for each country. This group unites various Western European support groups for married priests:

Moceop (Spain)
Vocatio (Italy)
Prêtres en foyer - France Sud (France)
Effata (France)
Prêtres mariés - France Nord (France)
Hors-les-murs (Belgium)
Advent (Great Britain)
Vereinigung Katholischer Priester und ihrer Frauen (Germany)
Priester ohne Amt (Austria)

The Web site also contains testimonies from married priests from different countries, the minutes from the group's annual meetings, a news blog, a publications list, and links. You are encouraged to visit this valuable resource.

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