Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sacred Story Contest

What do these three pictures have in common?

I am the author of The Apostles Wives Club http://theapostleswivesclub.wordpress.com/. Marcella Paliekara, I started a blog last August after lightning struck my house and left me with time to get serious with a nagging thought I had to start a blog for wives of priests. I wanted a place were we could share, learn, and heal by telling our stories. I wanted a place of hope and encouragement.

At first, I thought I would get a flood of e-mails from woman just like myself who were waiting to exchange stories and talk. Well, that really didn't happen. However, I was contacted by many woman asking for personal advise on their relationships with priests. Not being a counselor or spiritual adviser, I was quickly aware that I would not be doing anyone any service by trying to do what I was not qualified to do. So, I posted links to various web sites, books, and other resources that might help people sort through their problems.

Now, I have come to the realization that my blog may have started out with the intention of being for wives of priests, but really it is for anyone concerned about the church and how the celibacy rule has affected their lives. Actually, there isn't a Catholic out there who is not affected in one way or another by this issue. From the woman who gets involved, marries, or has a child by a priest, to the Catholic who has lost a parish priest because of this rule, we are all touched by this issue.

My main focus, of course, has been to wrestle with questions concerning the issue of celibacy, and encourage people to speak out and tell their stories. Sometime it is easier to concentrate on the negative, and what is going wrong. It is easier to point out the stories in the news that are obvious cries for reform in the church concerning celibacy. The sharing of personal stories in not so easy if they are difficult or unhappy.

Since my blog is about sharing, learning, and healing, I decided to invite people who to share a story of an experience of being touched by the sacred. Couldn't we all be helped by hearing about how God shares Himself with us in sacred moments?

I decided to initiate a contest http://theapostleswivesclub.com/story-contest/to encourage people to share these moments with each other. Here is how it will work. You can participate by emailing me a true story of time when you felt the special touch of God in your life, or what you call a sacred experience. I will collect stories between now and the 31st of May. The stories will be posted on the Sacred Story Page on The Apostles Wives' Club blog starting June 1st. People can then vote for their favorite story. Winners will be announced by June 15th.

The Winner will receive their choice of a 11 x 14.6 giclee fine art print on enhanced matt paper of either the Suffering Servant, my collage of Jesus, or Domus Aurea, my oil pastel of the blessed mother, or Eve Looking Back, a mixed media piece. Second and third place will receive their choice of a 7.6 x 10 giclee fine art print on enhanced matt paper of either image.

Again, write a non-fiction story 300-500 words in length describing a sacred experience, event or circumstance where you felt the love of God in your life. Place your name and e-mail address under the title of the story. Phone number and address are optional. If you would rather remain anonymous then chose a screen name and e-mail address for privacy. I will contact the winners via e-mail to arrange to send the prizes. Thank you for participating, and have a wonderful time recalling and writing your stories.

SEND YOUR STORIES TO: eveapostle@yahoo.com

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