Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Culture Notes: La pasión de Gabriel

OK! Here is a new film out of Colombia (to be screened nationally in that country starting this Thursday) that showcases a priest who is equally committed to the poor, to peace, and to the woman he loves. "La pasión de Gabriel" is already getting LOTS of buzz in the Spanish media and has garnered a Best Actor award for its star, Andrés Parra (Father Gabriel), in the 2009 Guadalajara Film Festival. The film is written by Diego Vásquez and directed by Luis Alberto “Peto” Restrepo and, in addition to Parra, stars María Cecilia Sánchez as the priest's girlfriend, Silvia.

Official plot synopsis: "Gabriel is a priest who is passionate about life, obsessed with justice and in love with a woman. His deep vocation, his eagerness to help his people advance, and his human passions will be his own crucifixion."

I can't wait until this hits the screen in this country. I especially like the line in the trailer where Silvia, in a pique, asks Father Gabriel: "Do you think it's easy being the priest's girlfriend?" -- to which I'm sure many of the women who read this blog and are in similar relationships will offer a heartfelt "AMEN!" Meanwhile, here is the trailer:


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