Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Culture Notes: The First Annual Grand Prairie Rabbit Festival

A new novel on our favorite subject to be released on 12/29/2009 for your holiday reading. Here's the pre-release review from Publisher's Weekly:

The First Annual Grand Prairie Rabbit Festival
by Ken Wheaton
$15 paper (320p)
ISBN 978-0-7582-3852-8

Authentic Cajun touches (and recipes) spice up Wheaton's delightful debut yarn about faith and the yearnings of the flesh. Fr. Steve Sibille, the reflective protagonist, is re-evaluating his vow of celibacy after being tempted by Vicky Carrier, the sinfully conceived but beloved daughter of St. Peter's church's former padre. Father Steve considers the repeated advice of his family friend Miss Rita, a scene-stealing African-American centenarian who tells Father Steve that what he needs is a woman. Things get stickier for Father Steve when his gay friend, Fr. Mark Johnson, quits the priesthood and the Rev. Paul Tompkins attempts to woo St. Pete congregants to his Pentecostal church, leading to a big showdown and the festival of the title. Wheaton writes with an infectious energy, and his affection for the characters and culture is authentic without being overbearing or cheesy. Do the bon temps rouler? In Wheaton's hands, they sure do. (Jan.)

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