Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Culture Notes: Glass Halo

Another novel out this month on the subject of Catholic clerical romances. The author is Colleen Smith, founder of Friday Jones Publishing and an award-winning Catholic writer residing in Denver, where she is also a dedicated Vincentian volunteer with the poor and homeless. The title is Glass Halo (Friday Jones Publishing, September 2010, ISBN: 9780984428908). The novel is among the finalists in this year's Santa Fe Writers Project Literary Awards. The plot, from our perspective, is well-summarized in the opening paragraph of the review in ForeWord Reviews:

When a man becomes a Catholic priest he relinquishes the chance for marriage, family, or sexual intimacy. He gains a life of spiritual devotion and many find this a fair exchange. Sometimes, however, as in the case of Father Vin DiMarco, the handsome priest in Colleen Smith’s debut novel, Glass Halo, the temptations of earthly love prove too strong to resist... still my heart...For the record, Smith says that the priest in her novel, "is a composite of a number of progressive priests I've known from my years attending Catholic schools and my 20 years of working in communications for the church."

This novel even boasts its own YouTube trailer:

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