Friday, December 31, 2010

Padre Alberto publishes new book

You can already place an advance order for Fr. Alberto Cutie's version of the scandal that rocked the Archdiocese of Miami and Hispanic Catholicism throughout the Western hemisphere.

In Dilemma: A Priest's Struggle with Faith and Love (Celebra, January 2011): "Father Albert Cutié tells about the devastating struggle between upholding his sacred promises as a priest and falling in love. Already conflicted with growing ideological differences with the Church, Cutié was forced to abruptly change his life the day that he was photographed on the beach, embracing the woman he would later call his wife.

Once a poster boy of the Roman Catholic Church -- loved and admired by millions -- Cutié found that he was not happy and able to live as a celibate priest, especially having to defend the number of positions he was no longer in agreement with. For years he kept his relationship a secret, while he soul searched and prayed for answers. The love that he deemed a blessing was bringing him closer to God, but further from the Church. In Dilemma, Cutié tells about breaking that promise, reigniting the very heated debate over mandatory celibacy for Catholic priests, beginning a new way of life and discovering a new way of serving God."

Remarkably, Padre Alberto is not leaking many details about his new book on his Web site nor has it gotten much buzz online. We got the tip from a conservative Catholic newspaper, The National Catholic Register (not to be confused with National Catholic Reporter)...

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How can be any dilemma in dealing with love...?