Thursday, August 18, 2011

Married priest: 'Single clergy better placed to serve God'

by Joe Wilson
BBC News

"Father Paul Blackburn is the most recently ordained priest into the Salford Diocese. He is married with three children. A former Anglican minister, Father Paul embraced Catholicism after growing dissatisfied with the direction the Church of England was taking on some moral issues. He said single priests are better placed to serve God by giving their entire life to his ministry...

...Many Catholics believe that a married priest is a more rounded priest whose experiences can help deal with family issues better than his single colleagues. Father Paul disagrees. "A celibate priest can give so much more," he said. "They can give themselves and everything about them. They can give to the church and to the service of God. I can give what I give but a proportion of my time will always go to my family."..."

Well, you get the idea. For more, click on the link to get the full article. It always amazes me that these Pastoral Provision guys embrace celibacy for other priests and it makes me wonder: If they had to separate from their wives and children as a precondition for becoming Catholic priests, would they have joined the ranks and would they be so enthusiastic about the celibacy requirement? Just asking...

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