Friday, October 14, 2011

Turning to a Support Group to Deal With Celibacy

We've seen countless reports about how the Church is not doing enough to provide priests with the training and ongoing support to live out their commitment to celibacy. Now some priests are taking matters into their own hands by organizing celibacy support groups. From the New York Times 10/14/2011:

"Publicly, he is a religious brother with a Roman Catholic order.

Privately, although he took vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, he said, at 23 he was a sex addict, anonymously cruising bars, parks and Cook County Forest Preserves for quick hookups.

Six years ago, his superiors found out and encouraged him to seek help...

...Now 49, a California native with a singsong lilt to his voice and John Lennon-style wire rim glasses, he is a founding member of one of the country’s few celibacy support groups for priests and religious....

...“Unfortunately, the church has embraced the notion that once you’ve chosen this profession your sexuality goes away,” Brother Patrick said. “But it doesn’t. God would never expect something so absurd as that.”

Instead, he added, you have to nurture it in different ways. “If you can’t and you’re afraid to talk about it, and your sexuality becomes a big, dirty secret, then eventually, somehow or other, it’s going to get vented in an unhealthy way,” he said...."

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For more information about the celibacy support group mentioned in this article, which meets at the Claret Center in Chicago, visit the center's website.

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