Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Milingo nods Vatican reaffirmation of celibacy

I am passing this story on simply for information and without comment. It was e-mailed by Married Priests Now! to the Zambian News Agency and picked up by UPI. The choice to refer to themselves as a "prelature" is theirs. I would give the link to the Married Priests Now! Web site but at the moment, unfortunately, it appears to be closed to the general public:

Nov 21, ZANIS--Excommunicated former Lusaka Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo and the Married Priests Now! Prelature have concurred with Pope Benedict XVI and the Vatican finding that reaffirms celibacy. According to prelature spokesman, Archbishop Peter Paul Brennan, the married priests were however against the enforcement of celibacy as a job requirement for the priesthood. "Celibacy should be a freely chosen charism and not a job requirement. Not every priest has the charism to be celibate and this is the problem because the church forces it on him or he cannot be ordained. It is a requirement that violated human freedom," Archbishop Brennan said.

"We can hardly believe that a meeting of the Cardinals who head the Dicasteries was called to simply reaffirm celibacy. The report that was not released is the important one," he added. And Archbishop Milingo accused the Vatican of being in a state of denial that it could not see the need for a married priesthood. "The Vatican 's denial of the problem confirms and encourages our mission to recall married priests to full ministry," Archbishop Milingo said. "We are the only Catholic diocese calling for the ordination of married men, and for the return of married priests to full ministry."

The two archbishops said Marriage was a sacrament of the church and celibacy was not. ''Marriage is higher calling than celibacy. The marriage vow trumphs the celibacy promise. Our prelature believes that a married priest is a healthier priest, and that a married priesthood will give priests a healthy and proper outlet for their sexuality,'' they said. They said people including priests were created by God as sexual beings and the sexuality needed to be celebrated as a blessing for husbands and their wives. ''Marriage needs to be the normal option for priests," Archbishop Brennan stressed.

Married Priests Now! Prelature will hold a conference in Parsippany, New Jersey on December 8 to10 to celebrate marriage and the priesthood. The conference will be punctuated by a Catholic renewal of marriage vows during the celebration of the Eucharist for married priests and their wives.

And commenting on a cleric who was quoted in St. Peter's Square in Rome yesterday as saying that those priests who walked away from the priesthood to marry should not be received back as priests, Archbishops Brennan and Milingo said their prelature reminded them that the Gospel of Jesus was about forgiveness. ''We remind him that the church is dying for want of priests. Recalling the married priests is a wholesome remedy to help save the church,'' he said. He said the first priests called by Christ were married and the church has always had married priests and vowed that the priests were going back to the New Testament roots of the priesthood when St. Peter and the apostles were married," said Milingo.

On Thursday, the Pope made it clear that although a shortage of priests had called for a loosening of the traditional restrictions, he did not think that opening up the Church to a married priesthood was the cure.


Archbishop Brennan said...

Here are the links to Married Priests Now! Prelature. In the USA the link is: http://www.orgsites.com/ny/married-priests-now/

And in Italy:http://marriedpriestsnow.splinder.com./

Rebel Girl said...

Thank you, Brother Brennan! I had been trying the URL http://www.marriedpriestsnow.org and that is where I was getting a login screen instead of a Web page. So now people will be able to visit and get updates on your activities!

mb said...

Sun Myung Moon’s little toy bishops.

How disgusting that these ‘priests’ don’t see they have become co-opted tools of Moon’s. I find it funny and sad that the news keeps making this a thing between Milingo and the Pope/Catholic Church, when it is not. Anyone who has followed Moon knows how he operates - he absorbs people into his web, people who will always blindly cackle that they are not part of/promote his ideology.

Watch the video clip found at the top of this page. At the end, Moon's longtime main operative tells you what the "third world war is all about."

I can easily sympathize with your goal to have married priests, but in your effort to get there, to do work with Moon and do his bidding, wittingly or not, is beyond blind, it’s disgusting.

The man says Jesus failed, that he he is here to save God from His suffering and that he is better than God, he marries Jesus off to a living Korean woman to allow Jesus to get to heaven, his organization has disrupted countless families the world over, swindled huge sums of cash from the Japanese and there are former "priests" rationalizing he is an OK guy to work with as long he promotes "their" efforts.

Try John 5:43 then travel onto a little 2Thessalonians for starters.

At least the Moon organization’s leaders know who is leading who and why. This quote is from the USA head of the Unification Church or Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, depending on what name they are using today.

Please be confident at this time. From my perspective I have to say I am seeing so many major things occur from True Parents' directions and efforts. So many walls are coming down; with each step we take, positive change is occurring.

For example; - Today an AP story highlighted the role that Archbishop Milingo is playing in raising the issue of married priests and the idea of bringing healing to the Mother church. Father told him that if he stood up for God and for what was right for the Catholic Church, Jesus and all of history would support him. He stepped out courageously and before our eyes enormous change is occurring.

Michael Jenkins 11-16-06

Note as you read below that “Blessed Central Families” are full fledged followers of Moon’s.

Here’s a quote from Brennan’s fellow “bishop” George Stallings. Stallings' "church" is where Milingo set up shop after he last left the Church.

We pick up Stallings' talk as he mentions the 23 year old bride Moon gave him - he's discussing the Moon wedding shindig he gathered his Moon honey.

"Also in that marriage ceremony was a Vatican Archbishop by the name of Emmanuel Milingo who was married to South Korean acupuncturist, Maria Sung. Because what means more to us than the Catholic priesthood is true life, true love, and true lineage and we receive that from True Parents in the marriage blessing. After the Vatican Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo was blessed in marriage by True Parents, True father sent him back to the Vatican to Pope John Paul II to request that Catholic priests be allowed to marry. But when the Vatican refused to accept married priests, Archbishop Milingo launched a special movement in America for married Roman Catholic priests called 'Married Priests Now.' If it were not for True Father it would have been impossible for Archbishop Milingo to establish such an association. But with True Father’s blessing we now have married priests in America and throughout the world and now the Pope called a special meeting last week in the Vatican to discuss the impact of what Archbishop Milingo has done and also to talk about celibacy, to allow priests to marry. Archbishop Milingo believes in True Parents because Archbishop knows that the family is the spool of love and the center of love and if the world is to continue we must have True Blessed Central Families!

On September 15, 2005 in New York City True Parent’s established the Universal Peace Federation, a model UN to bring God’s love and God’s life and God’s lineage back to humanity. …

Father Moon was called by God, and anointed by Jesus, he is anointed, appointed and approved to lead humanity back to God and to restore all things back to God’s original ideal of creation."
[George Stallings Nov. 21, 2006 KINTEX building Seoul Korea – True Children’s’ Day.]

You do NOT get involved with Moon without being his tool. Anyone who thinks differently is uninformed. Milingo is a puppet.

mb said...

It was e-mailed by Married Priests Now! to the Zambian News Agency and picked up by UPI.

I am guessing everyone is aware that Moon bought UPI in 2000. You can find the most up to date list of Moon front groups here.

Anonymous said...

I thought that Milingo and his new "Roman Catholic archbishops" Brennan and Stallings were the latest Moonie drones.

Moon, through Milingo, is saying all the right things to those good hearted married priests and disenchanted Catholics. The use of the DaVinci code connection has been rather creative. Good Moonie marketing to needy Catholics.

Americans are not dumb. They will figure out what is really going on with this latest Moon business project, especially when the Moon ideology and pitch for funds begin to emerge.

It is just a matter of time until Brennan and Stallings are off to new self-absorbed episcopal horizons with a new group of needy people.

Milingo obviously came back to Moon and the United States because he has lost his status in Rome with all the rump rangers at the Vatican.