Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Don Sante's new digs -- poor but free

Some photos showing how Don Sante's getting along since being kicked out of his parish home. Actually the photo series on his removal and the arrival of his successor, Don Brusegan, in Il Mattino di Padova is very interesting. Don Sante welcomes his succesor warmly and looks confident and slightly amused while Don Brusegan looks increasingly uncomfortable. The photos also show Don Brusegan celebrating Mass with very few parishioners in contrast to a packed parish meeting with Don Sante. Don Sante's new digs -- labeled Chiesa Cattolica dei Peccatori on the outside -- are spartan but judging from the other photo with his supporters, he's a happy man. Don Sante is asking the Pope for dispensation from his celibacy vow but wants to remain a priest.

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