Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Where are All Our Letters?

Joan Of Arc, One Betrayed and Abandoned By The Church

I contacted this site long ago and asked where all the women married to priest were, and where were their voices. I did not get any answer. Reading the article “Fala Brazil! An Open Letter to Pope Benedict XVI” renewed my question. Good for these committed Catholics in Brazil. Where is our (concerned Catholics of the U.S.A.) letter to sign to send to Pope Benedict XVI?

I am a woman married to a priest who longs to be reconciled with the church. If I knew of a way to contact all the children, wives, and relatives of married priests, who were forced to make a choice between the priesthood and marriage, I would ask them to write a letter. I would ask them to write about how being a child, or a wife to these men has impacted their lives. I would ask them to write about how they feel that their father or husband would have to abandon them in order to be reconciled with the church. How would a choice such as this impact their lives? What do they long for, and maybe more importantly, what do they fear? What are the lives like of illegitimate children and women who have lived in the shadows abandoned because of a priest’s choice? I would include pictures of everyone along with signatures.

What a dreamer I am, but it would be great to have a group of these people go to the Vatican and present the letters. Let the pope look into their faces and say, "no, you are not going to be recognized, or reconciled", and turn them away. It is easy for the church to ignore people when they are signatures on a piece of paper, but a real face of a child, a wife, or a mother may have a greater impact.

I would be willing to do what I could to organize, write, contact, or what ever else it would take to get a letter together. You can find out more about me and reach me through my blog or email me at .
Marcella Paliekara

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