Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Other Mass

Well, there will be a lot of press about the BIG Papal Mass ... the one that most of us regular folk never got close to. I would like to share some photos from a different Mass that took place on Monday night, April 14th. Sponsored by the Women's Ordination Conference and held at Foundry United Methodist Church in DC, this Mass featured women celebrants and inclusive language. The third photo in this series is a billboard truck paid for by WOC that followed Pope Benedict XVI around the city. We also got some TV coverage on Fox 5.

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Timothy said...

So, what's the point of comparing a clearly non-Catholic mass to a Papal mass? Its clear from the pictures that this is a Protestant communion service. I'm sure to non-Catholics the photos appear to be a Catholic Mass.

Regarding the women standing in front of a sign asking Pope Benedict to ordain women now, it seems they didn't get the word that Benedict has said that he has no authority to ordain women. He couldn't ordain a women if he wanted. If they had followed the news closer, they could have used their sign money to feed the area homeless or something more charitable.

God bless...