Monday, April 09, 2012

Bishop of Antwerp would welcome opportunity to ordain married men

Msgr. Johan Bonny, the bishop of Antwerp, Belgium, told De Standaard this weekend that while he values celibacy as a prophetic sign in a society that trivializes sexuality, he would be happy to be able to ordain married men, not just because of the priest shortage but because they would enrich the pastoral ministry. He mentioned that the Church already has married priests in the Eastern rite churches, as well as the married men from other denominations who have been brought into the Roman Catholic priesthood through the Pastoral Provision.

On the other hand, he told the newspaper that ordaining women was a more complex question theologically and biblically. He said that while he believed women priests would be accepted in Belgium, he wasn't sure they would on a worldwide basis. He added, however, that he tries to promote women who are active and committed to positions of responsibility in his diocese.

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Frank said...

As a former priest, married and laicized some 30 years, i applaud your work.
Frank Fennelly