Monday, April 09, 2012

Oh, by the way, you're defrocked...

Sometimes the glacial pace of Vatican disciplinary bureaucracy can be downright amusing. Last week, Archbishop Peter Kairo of the Nyeri Archdiocese in Central Kenya openly read a letter from the Vatican from the pulpit formally removing Rev. Dr. Peter Njogu Kibutu from the Roman Catholic priesthood.

That would be approximately one year after the priest was consecrated a bishop of the Restored Universal Apostolic Church by former Roman Catholic Archbishop Milingo (photo) in an elaborate and very well publicized ceremony in Nyeri. Bishop Njogu is married and has three children. He was part of a group of ten priests who publicly left the Roman Catholic church in 2009 to affiliate with Milingo over the mandatory celibacy issue. He says he left the Roman Catholic priesthood seven years ago.

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