Thursday, December 07, 2006

Central America: Boosting the status quo on celibacy

SEDAC, the Central American Bishops' Conference, which has been meeting in Tegucigalpa, Honduras decided to put in their 2-cents worth on the celibacy question. They called on their priests to value "cada día más el don del celibato que han recibido" ("each day more and more the gift of celibacy they have received" through ongoing formation. SEDAC added:

"El celibato sacerdotal vivido en madurez afectiva, signo de la radicalidad de su entrega libre a Cristo y a su Evangelio, es un precioso ejemplo para todo joven del valor de la castidad y para aquellos llamados por el Señor a la vida consagrada y al sacerdocio ministerial, un acicate a no dejarse vencer por el temor"

Translation: "Priestly celibacy lived in affective maturity, a sign of the radicalness of the free gift of themselves to Christ and His Gospel, is a precious example for all youth of the value of chastity and for those who are called by the Lord to the consecrated life and priestly ministry, an incentive not to let themselves be conquered by fear."

And they end with a quote from Deus Caritas Est in which Pope Benedict XVI calls celibacy the best testimony of the God in whom we believe and who impels us to love.

Later I will have a somewhat different view on the subject from a well-known Spanish Jesuit theologian to share with you, but I need some time to translate it.


Fr. Rich Hasselbach said...

Courtesy of Fr. Neil Parado:

Whether or not there is an acute shortage of celibate priests, optional celibacy is the only alternative. As Rev. Dr. Anthony Padovano points out:

"the official Church has no biblical arguments, theological reasoning or pastoral benefits to support its present policy on mandatory celibacy. The policy has become almost absurd in its full articulation. It reads as follows: 'Celibacy is mandatory for all priests of the Latin Rite who were not Protestants first, or who, if they are Catholics, have not yet divorced their wives, or separated from them sexually, or buried them.' "

Anonymous said...

Sounds Like Married Priests need a different Churc.