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A blog visitor's thoghts about Archbishop Milingo

This is a comment written in reply to removed post and Fr. Paul Mayer's comment to it.:

Fr. Paul Mayer – thank you for your comment,

Your link to the NGO article did not work for me so let me try it here …as it is a very important article. Sheds some light on how Moon operates.

The deceptive Moon organization will tell you that the article is written by communists. That is BS. It is funny how Moon gets away with selling himself as an anti communist until he decides he wants to build businesses in N Korea and then he funds NK with billions. Fact is, Moon says he is anti communist when he is also anti democracy, capitalism and anything which is not Godism, his form of theocracy in which God rules the world directly through believers. When his group of spinners tell people anything about that they don't mention that Moon believes he is God incarnate and as such his every utterance is that of God's. Moon even says he is better than God.

Fr. Paul Mayer, I think there is a Biblical sized blindness taking hold here and I am afraid your words will fall upon closed ears. Moon will have his witting and unwitting tools. As far co-opting the Married Priests movement goes, HE ALREADY HAS. Look at this blog's postings and news reports on the subject Milingo, Milingo, Milingo. Moon is not a clown, he knows exactly what he is doing.

I have studied the Moon organization for years. Anyone who remotely thinks that Milingo isn't Moon's tool by design is uninformed or lying to themselves to make their support of him IN ANY MANNER ok to their consciences. Moon only needs your acceptance and your credibility; he does not need you to say you are an open follower. He'll use your likeness and credibility to open other doors.

Everything, let me repeat, EVERYTHING Moon does, funds, pushes, supports is done for the purposes of promoting his ideology and to mesh the world's religions under his influence. That is ALL he does. Working to push Moon's goals is ALL his followers do, all they do. They have one mindset, one goal, to put Moon and his organization into control of the direction of world events. That is all they do.

For instance, Moon has created his own personal United Nations, the Universal Peace Federation(UPF), because the current UN would not go along with his plan to theocratize the UN. Moon proposed that the UN add an entire theocratic body to the UN structure. This body, in Moon's vision, was to be run by the religious and be superior to the current body. Of course Moon just happened to have a front group to serve as the "senate" for this body which has now morphed into Moon's own UN, the UPF. If you think I am nuts because only a member nation can make such a proposal to the UN, note that the Philippines makes these proposals and the Speaker of the House for the Philippines openly admits Moon is "leading" their efforts.

Moon outspent anyone, including Richard Mellon Scaife, promoting right wing, theocratic politics in America; Moon has had an inordinate amount of influence on our nation's politics and he will do the same to the Catholic Church. Moon openly brags that he has "influenced America" through his multi billion dollar losing propaganda paper, the Washington Times. That's just one effort.

He's funded many players on the right - the Bush family, Falwell, LahHaye, Viguerie – key players. A Moon funded and created political front, The American Freedom Coalition, was considered one of the two most powerful conservative organizations in the country when fully active in the 80s and 90s. US News and World Report stated that by 1989 virtually every conservative organization in DC had ties to Moon's "church". Now that Moon has added "Peace" to one of his front group's names, liberals are even opening up to him. How sick is that? Moon has spent billions in overseas cash promoting right wing, theocratic, homophobic, anti union, authoritarian politics in America and now some liberal politicians send his front groups greetings.

I point this out so you will know how he is using Milingo and the Married Priests movement is nothing new, he has been using people and groups for decades.

This is an organization which has been found responsible for swindling hundreds of millions, in not billions, of dollars from the Japanese, literally targeting widows with their scams. This is a "peace" organization of which 700 members recently busted up a newspaper's offices in Korea and threatened the life of reporter who had the audacity to be critical of this deceptive organization.

I was told by one observer Moon was picking a fight with the Catholic Church, he is. He is also loving every minute of it. IMO, anyone who works with Moon and claims to be religious is a fraud or a blind fool. If you are old enough, think back 30 years and tell yourself that back then you would openly work with Moon to achieve his goals one day and be proud of it.

Milingo under Moon's spell? Well when Milingo said he was not about creating a schism and now he says he just wants a "church within a church" – that is Moon rationalization going on there folks. I am still not convinced that the Pope and the RCC realizes what they are up against.


This will not go away. All you folks who have spent years working to have the RCC allow married priests - you HAVE just had your whole movement absorbed by Moon whether you like it or not. Milingo will always be the one associated with pushing this agenda now. He will suck up all the press, he will back the Pope further and further into a corner. You haven't seen anything yet. Moon will not stop and you have yourselves to thank for this. America has allowed Moon to play his games and use his laundered money to influence our nation and gain face the world over for decades now, and ministers never spoke up in force. No, in fact, many ministers greeted Moon when he got out prison, fed his delusion that he was persecuted. Now you are reaping what you ignored for thirty years.

One thing is for sure,

From the removed post--

It is time to stand with Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo and time for him to stand with his married priest colleagues in CORPUS, FCM Roman Catholic Faith Community Council, CITI, the various International Regional Federations of Married Catholic Priests, the Women's Ordination Conference, Women's Ordination Worldwide, and the youngest prophetic community, Roman Catholic Womenpriests.I for one am grateful to the Reverend Moon for his support of Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo and his mission on behalf of the renewing of the Roman Catholic priesthood.

That is one of the most nauseating statements I have ever read. Truly sickening. Kiss your "religion" goodbye as you knew it.

Do you even own a Bible?

John 5:43 and the 2nd chapter of 2nd Thess, might be a good place for you to start.

Milingo's mind must have been jumping through some big uninformed hoops when he said he shared a view of Jesus with Moon. Moon says Jesus failed, that He is Moon's dead son's servant in the spi8ritworld and that Jesus couldn't get into heaven without Moon marrying Him to an old Korean woman.

Part of Moon's support system for Milingo is Moon's ACLC ministers; I have seen pictures of ACLC members lying prostrate before a huge picture of Moon and his wife in Korea. Another thing the post didn't mention when Mrs. Moon made her contacts with Milingo - obviously he was targeted when they saw he would work with them - anyway, Mrs. Moon is considered a "co-messiah" with Moon.

I have to run, please read my comment Sun Myung Moon's little toy bishops. for more on how Milingo and ALL WHO HELP MILINGO are Moon's tools.

Of that, there is no doubt. You can rationalize all you wish, you can tell yourself any damned uninformed lie you want, you can want to believe whatever you wish...but make no mistake, if you stand with Milingo, YOU STAND WITH MOON. You might as well be lying prostrate before him yourself.

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Anonymous said...

Pope Ratzinger has immorally and unjustly cut off the well-earned pension of the elderly Archbishop Milingo. And has allowed Milingo's personal belongings to be burned in Rome. This makes Pope Ratzinger an immoral and unjust tyrant.

Thank God, Rev. Moon was there to assist Archbishop Milingo where the Pope failed in his duty.

+Peter Paul Brennan
Married Priests Now! Prelature